Diane McKoy

New York City's most raved about Bluegrass Gospel singer who does Old Time Gospel songs with bluegrass, country, and soul fervor!


Bluegrass/Country Gospel Roots Sprouting!

A very powerful and moving album.

Diane McKoy is a one of a kind artist - a powerful and moving performer whose creative vocal phrasing and engaging stage presence (yet down home manner) keep audiences raft. With a voice like that, at turns, soars, swoops, and slides, she'll sometime play with the beat - singing ahead of it here, behind it there - syncopating and punctuating with throaty phrases and the occasional falsetto turn (check out the ending of "Jesus Put it All Together"!) On this album, with a group of crack backing musicians, Diane offers repertoire both old and new, including Margie Sullivan's (of the Sullivan Family) "There’ll Be No Dying", a Stanley Brothers' classic, the traditional "Wayfaring Stranger", several by her good friend, singer/songwriter Mildred Statzer, one by Randall Hylton, and more. Diane breathes new life into the older songs while making the newer ones her own. The performances are all top shelf. The singing is sublime. Diane McKoy has made New York City her home for many years, where she has been called the Queen of Bluegrass Gospel. For more than three decades, Diane has performed country and bluegrass gospel music both in her chosen home state of New York and throughout the country, performing everywhere from the corner church to the White House and is well received wherever she goes. A devout Christian, Diane is a woman who lives the life she sings about in her song. "Before I was saved I was singing country music, and then when I was saved I changed the words and kept the music," she says. Diane is blessed, and in turn blesses all who listen. Sit back, relax (or, even put on your shouting shoes) and enjoy "Bluegrass/Country Gospel Roots Sprouting!"! -Russell Scholl

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Song List

  1. The Golden Rule Listen
  2. He Did It All For Us On Calvary Listen
  3. Will He Wait A Little Longer Listen
  4. Carpenter’s Son Listen
  5. Is It He Listen
  6. Jesus Put It All Together Listen
  7. He’ll Lead Me Out Listen
  8. Saved Listen
  9. There’ll Be No Dying Listen
  10. As We Bid This Old World Goodbye Listen
  11. Salvation Is Free Listen
  12. Wayfaring Stranger Listen

Ready Or Not Here I Come

A truly inspired Bluegrass Gospel CD.

I've known Diane McKoy for many years. She is a wonderful singer and a fine Christian woman. If you like good bluegrass gospel music that comes from the heart, you'll like this new album by Diane McKoy. It's a good one!? - Dr. Ralph Stanley

Diane McKoy puts the roots back into this roots music - bluegrass gospel. She makes the lyrics come alive with her powerful voice and her delivery of the music which touches our emotions. Through her songs she brings us closer to the Savior she sings about. Diane, your CD is excellent, excellent, excellent! It just encourages me to keep going. Thanks, Diane, for your music. - Suzie Solomon

??I often think of Diane McKoy as the "Queen of New York City Bluegrass Gospel Music" because she has carried the torch in that town for gospel music for many years. I've known Diane personally for quite sometime and I can tell you that she is the salt of the earth. She sings with power and conviction and most of all she sings from deep within her heart. ?This lady really knows what she is singing about. I know you will enjoy her new project as much as I have. Congratulations Diane, you have a winner here. - James Alan Shelton

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Song List

  1. Ready Or Not Here I Come Listen
  2. Saints Are Going Home Listen
  3. Old Brush Arbor Days Listen
  4. Cool Chilly Water Listen
  5. I Am Dying To Live Listen
  6. Lonely Road To Calvary Listen
  7. Answered Prayer Listen
  8. God's Garden Listen
  9. Where God Is Listen
  10. I'm Going Home Listen

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