Diane McKoy

New York City's most raved about Bluegrass Gospel singer who does Old Time Gospel songs with bluegrass, country, and soul fervor!


Diane McKoy is a sensational Bluegrass Gospel singer who enjoys sharing her tapestry of JOYFUL camp-meeting, old time, bluegrass, country, soul Gospel songs of universal appeal to every nationality, religion, status, creed, or color. She is a nontraditional, Acoustic Gospel Music vocalist. Writer, S. Robson refers to Diane McKoy as an "Americana Queen of Gospel Music." She founded New York City's first and only Bluegrass Gospel band. Founding and fronting a Country band as an African American is unusual enough, but even more so, a BLUEGRASS (Gospel) band in New York City!!! But that is what Diane McKoy continues to do. In 1992 Diane founded the "Singing Conquerors" with her co-founder Russell Scholl. That group thrived for more than 13 years, played at the Whitehouse, & can be seen in Dr. Ralph Stanley's documentary, "Hills of Home". They played at Dr. Ralph Stanley's Annual Bluegrass Festival several times as well as other Bluegrass and Gospel festivals. ??Diane McKoy has been active in Country/Bluegrass Music since 1979. "Yes, I'm heavily into singing Bluegrass Gospel and Country Gospel with old time fervor. It's what God put in me. My Christian faith keeps me grounded."??Gospel Music has been the bedrock of Diane McKoy's musical journey. She has recorded as an artist on Columbia/Epic, and Scepter/Hob Records. She is now with the Texas based Deep South Productions.

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